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You bought your wonderful bicycle and you are ready to kick off and go riding. But wait! you will need to cycle safely and make sure that both you and your bike get the most of each ride. Think about your cycling accessories and additional bike equipment. Let's see what you would most likely need.

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Must have bike accessories

If you are planning to cycle on the road, it being road cycling or urban commuting you need to think safety first. You must mount on your bicycle a light set to see well and be seen,stay safe and comply with the law. But even if you are a mountain biker you will benefit from powerful lights to enjoy glorious night rides. You should mount at least a red rear light and a strong front light with a recommended minimum of 200 lumens. We also suggest you buy USB rechargeable lights, which are more environmentally friendly and cheaper on the long term. For road and commuting another safety must have is a high visibility vest and high vis accessories. As much as mud is fun for most mountain bikers, it is a no-no for all the commuters, so if you are a urban rider you should definitely consider mounting fenders and mudguards, to get to your destination crisp and clean (if you add specific urban cycling clothes you can be sure to stay also fresh and dry) Last but not least, you might want to add a bell. Who doesn't have sweet child memories of ringing the bell joyfully on a ride?

Safety and security accessories

If your own safety is paramount, also keeping your bike secure is a priority. In your bike equipment includes a lock or a chain to protect your precious steed from being stolen. Make sure it is a high quality, sturdy lock, long enough to be wrapped around poles or other unmovable objects as thieves are extremely resourceful and determined.

Storage and bags

Regardless of you are planning to cycle for long distances or for short stretches, it is recommendable to carry tools and spares with you on all rides. And where better to put them than in a saddle bag? If you are ready for adventurous cycling trips, or just going down to the shop with your bike, you may want to mount a rack and a panniers. On the other hand, maybe it will be your car to carry your bike around, to reach the mountains or a bike park. In this case you need to get a car rack to fit your car model.

Technologies and turbo trainers

If you are the sort of sport person who loves stats and data, you certainly love to have a gps or a cycle computer on your ride. Are also a creative filmmaker? You can add action cameras! Or you are an hard core athlete? Then you cannot go without a heart monitor. Talking about hard training, if you are very serious about keeping in shape even when time or weather conditions limits your options to ride, then you should think about investing on a Turbo trainer. A bicycle turbo trainer is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to ride a bicycle while it remains stationary, inside your house or gym. Oh yes, and as any coach will tell you, keep hydrated! So don't forget you water bottle!