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Road bikes

Road bikes is a broad category that includes bikes from a range of different usage types. In the group you can look for your recreational bike to stay fit in the weekends or a bike to commute to work every day as well as your sportive bike for your fast rides or your race bike for the best possible performances on the tarmac. Road bikes are categorised on the base of their usage and specs, like weight, frame's geometry, frame materials and are equipped with different gears and components that have a great influence on the final price. Which kind of Road bike are you looking for? Check out our road bike section or read our Guides to know more! And if you are a lady, we have a special section just for you!

Mountain bikes (MTB)

MTB is a very popular term, but can you tell the difference between the many kinds of mountain bikes? All the MTBs are thought to face comfortably off road rides, they have wider tyres with raised knobs (lugs) to provide grip on all terrains and suspension to absorb the bumps and the jumps. A common categorization is on the base of the size of the wheels, with the old standard wheel size 26in being slowly taken over by 27.5in and 29er. Fat tyres bikes are also seeing an increase in popularity. Another subdivision is on the base of the bike's suspension: full rigid bikes with no suspensions at all, hard tail bikes with suspensions only on the front fork and dual suspensions, also called full suspension bikes. Mountain bikes are also divided by usage into Cross country bikes, Trail bikes, Enduro bikes and Gravity (also Downhill) bikes. Craving for off road adrenaline? Check out our Mountain Bikes section, or read more on our Guides. And if you are a lady, we have a special section just for you!


Rapidly growing in reputation, cyclocross is considered by many a primarily an autumn/winter alternative to road cycling, a great way to stay fit and enjoy the mud and grass. A cyclocross bike looks similar to a road bike, but only at a superficial glance: they are carefully engineered for multiple terrains. They have wider tires with an increased clearance from the frame and brakes that are ready for the toughest condition a bike can experience. Cyclocross are highly versatile machines and many uses them as winter training bikes or even as commuting bikes. Fascinated by those adaptable bikes? Check them out!


BMX stays for Bicycle Motocross and it means stunts and fun. BMX is an urban culture on its own! They are small bikes, light and sturdy, made for acrobatics in the bike parks or on the dedicated races.

Time Trial and Triathlon

These beautiful beast are very specialised machines that come with one purpose: speed! Specifically thought for time trial races and triathlon, the TT bikes have very aggressive designs and light frames to maximise aerodynamics. They are often built with the most advanced materials, like carbon or titanium and the top-notch gearing. TT bikes are extremely rigid and not easy to ride, but surely they can get you heaps of adrenaline.

Kid Bikes

What can be a most beloved gift for your kids that a bike? From balance bikes to the first bikes with training wheels, through 20" up to early race bikes for your young champions, Findyourgear has all the bike your children love.

Other Bikes

... and this is not all! There are a lot more kind of bikes and so many more occasions to enjoy a ride! Let us list here some other bike category: Hybrid bikes, including Flat bar bikes, Foldable bikes often known as Brompton after the famous manufacturer, Single speed known also as Fixies, Touring bikes, and Track bikes. And why not, also e-bikes for who loves technical innovations and tandems for the inseparable couples. Check our Guides to stay always updated!.