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Eyewear for cycling

When it comes to eyewear, the world of cycling has evolved greatly in the last decades. More and more cyclists- whether those who engage in the activity for sports or daily commuting- are beginning to see why they need to cover up their eyes with high specs glasses or goggles. Excellent vision, protection from UV rays, and comfort for the muscles are just a few reasons why cycling eyewear is necessary. However, which type of glasses are appropriate for you?


Why people love wraparounds so much? Wearers stand to gain a wide great advantages from using wraparounds. For starters, they provide you the ability to enjoy the best of peripheral vision. This factor is largely due to the frame and the fact that your temple is not being obstructed.

Peripheral vision is the major component that you need to move safely, especially when you’re in traffic. Apart from this, wraparounds also offer maximum protection from natural elements, especially the wind. Perfect vision is enhanced by lens that are able to stretch beyond the length of the eyebrow.

Summer is most often the most challenging time for cyclists all over the world. You get a lot of sun coupled with elements such as dirt, debris and dust. UV rays alone have been seen as the major cause of a plethora of eye-related issues and disorders- you can only expect the probability of all these occurring to increase thanks to the addition of other natural elements. To ensure protection, the only way to go is to invest in a pair of good quality cycling eyewear. Not only will they reduce glare, they’ll also boost your performance on tricky paths and tracks as well.

Colored Lens

Another important factor that is essential for you to enjoy outdoor sports is the ability to see your surroundings as clearly as possible. Your visibility will be realty improved while wearing sunglasses and if you opt for a pair of colored lenses you can choose to increase or dumb down the brightness factor if you please.

This basically means that you’ll have better sight with terrains. You’ll also be able to see things in much better detail when you’re on the move.

Grey lenses have increased greatly in popularity for their ability to emit a wide array of colors. Dark amber lenses are much more appropriate for variable conditions. Glasses with yellow lens are excellent at reducing glare and maintaining sharpness, both of which are extremely important for bikers and lovers of outdoor sports.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses have been considered by many to be the most important type of eyewear.  A polarized lens acts as a filter that allows only the good light to travel to the eye, while blocking all the glow caused by scattered light that travels in many random directions. The objects then appear sharper. The colors are more vivid and in natural proportion thanks to the removal of diffuse white light. These normal sunglasses only reduce the amount of visible light that the eye sees, but the glare problem still remains. Polarized lenses should be of ophthalmic quality, the same as expected from lenses used in eyeglasses.


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