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Hybrid bikes, City bikes, Cruisers and comfort bikes.

The bottom line of those bike categories are that those bicycles are not tremendously specialised on any terrain or discipline but they offer the best solutions for comfort and adaptability. In addition, they can have their own characteristic fashion appeal.  Yet, each one of those categories has its own specific characteristics.

Hybrid or city bikes are a mix of a road bike and a MTB resulting in general purpose bikes, adaptable to most of the terrains and particularly suitable for commuting. They usually have a flat handlebar, which means that shifting and braking elements are often like the mountain biking ones.  The riding position is upright, comfortable and safe in traffic, allowing quick manoeuvring and braking. Tyres, normally 700c tire standard are larger than road tubes, to give more stability at the cost of being somewhat slower.

Hybrids are lighter smooth than comfort bike and far more suitable for longer rides and climbs.


Cruiser and comfort bikes have the vintage appeal on their side, and are thought to be very comfortable for less flexible people. They are easy to jump on and low on the ground, so that you can easily put down your feet.

Cruiser Bicycles or beach cruisers, feature long curve handlebars, a longer wheelbase and seats soft like armchairs. With thicker tires, cruiser bikes are known for their stability. Cruiser bikes are most commonly single speed and often come equipped with baskets, bells, fenders and dynamo lights.

In comfort bikes the frame is closer to that one of older style mountain bike. Comfort bicycles have 26-inch size wheels with larger tires than a road bike and have gear shifters front and back. They might have front suspension and occasional even some seatpost shock absorber, to make sure the ride is never too bumpy. The saddle is larger than on road bike or MTBs.


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