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Ridgeback Ramble - 2017 Road Bike

€ 877.19 € 1,169.59

Ridley Noah SL Ultegra - 2017 Road Bike

€ 3,157.91 € 4,210.55

Ridley Noah Ultegra Mix - 2017 Road Bike

€ 2,192.99 € 2,923.99

Wilier Luna Tiagra Ladies Road Bike 2016

€ 1,063.15 € 1,519.31

Kona Penthouse 2016 Road Bike

€ 645.87 € 817.55

Kona Sutra Ltd 2016 All Road Bike

€ 1,689.08 € 1,987.15

Kona Roadhouse 2017 Road Bike

€ 3,233.93 € 4,093.59

Kona Sutra 2017 Road Bike

€ 1,272.51 € 1,497.08

Kona Wheelhouse 2017 Road Bike

€ 1,569.85 € 1,987.15

Ridley Helium X - 2017 Road Bike

€ 2,543.87 € 3,391.83

Genesis Zero Z.1 - 2017 Road Bike

€ 1,491.23 € 1,988.31

Genesis Zero Z.2 - 2017 Road Bike

€ 1,754.39 € 2,339.19

Genesis Zero Z.3 - 2017 Road Bike

€ 2,017.55 € 2,690.07

Scott Foil RC - 2017 Road Bike

€ 5,086.88 € 6,782.51

Genesis Flyer - 2016 Road Bike

€ 511.69 € 760.23

Ridley Fenix SL Ultegra - 2017 Road Bike

€ 2,105.27 € 2,807.03

Road bikes buying guide

Buying a bike is never easy, especially if it is the first time you are looking for a road bike. There are so many things to be aware about and it can be easy to get discouraged and end up buying at your nearest shop and not getting the best possible deal on your next bicycle. Let us walk you through some basics you need to consider before taking your decision.


Bike brands

It might be a good idea for a novice to explore the best bike manufacturer catalogues to get an idea of the offer. Some of the top brands in our catalogues are Colnago, Willier, Pinarello, Orbea, Cervèlo, Focus, Giant, Trek, Specialized, Scott, Cannondale, Bianchi, Merida, Fuji, Schwinn and many more bike brands.


Bike Price

Let’s face it, a good bike is going to be quite a consistent investment. Unless you are looking for a top notch race bike or an extraordinary performing aero bike you won’t need to ask a loan for your shopping.

The price of the bikes is extremely influenced by elements such as the weight of the frame and the quality of the drivetrains, the wheels  and the other components.

However, while for a top cyclist a drop of 100gr can justify hundred bucks more, for a lot of amateurs it might make sense to choose midrange solutions offering an optimal compromise between cost, reliability and performance.


When and where do you ride your bicycle?

As the name suggests, road bikes are thought to be used on tarmac, for the off road you should think about MTB or Cyclocross bikes.

If your focus is on the speed and the cost of some comfort, you are looking for Road Race Bikes. To be fast those bikes focus on aerodynamics: low front end, short head tube, flat stem, low handlebars. The frames are stiffer than the sportive bikes and they are very responsive. The gearing is allowing much speed and the wheels are extremely lightweight.

If you are looking into extreme speed and performance but you are not ready for a Time Trial bike you will love an Aero bike. Aero bikes offer some of the aerodynamic solutions of TT bike but on frames of regular road bikes. Carbon is king for the Aero frames and the wheelset often come with a deep section. High end components are also more common on those speed machines.

If your bread and butter are long rides and you prefer covering many miles you might want to favour a bit more comfort and gearing that allows you to climb longer, steeper hills. Endurance bikes offer the same lightweight setup of any road bike but add in some comfort in the geometries. The position on the saddle is a bit more straight up, not so aerodynamic but gentler on your back. They are not as stiff as the Race bikes, to allow smoother rides. In this category, disk brakes are becoming increasingly popular.


Frame materials

We cannot talk about road bikes without mentioning the materials!

  • Steel is the old faithful material for retro and low-end frames. It is heavy, but sturdy and ride comfortably.
  • Midrange to high-end bikes come often with aluminium, which is lighter and stiffer than steel, but less durable.
  • High-end frames often come with Carbon frames, light and performing but pretty delicate.
  • Top ends frames might even use titanium, which of course is light, durable, comfortable and sturdy. Yet expensive!


What else would make your ride a great experience?

If you are starting only now to enjoy road cycling, make sure to accompany your perfect bike with great accessories and clothing. Pair them up with a road bike helmet, cycling shorts and jerseys. Don’t forget to show some love for your new steed with the best maintenance tools and supplies.

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